• Ana Gascon Ivey

Market Your Freelance Gig as a Public Speaker

I'm terrified of public speaking. Every time I think about standing in front of a group, I get sick to my stomach and my heart races like a thoroughbred in the Kentucky Derby. But public speaking is one way freelancers can market their services and connect with clients.

Here's what a confident and concise presentation allows you to do:

Speak at events. Your potential client attends meetings and conferences. Look for host organizations and find out how you can get on the agenda. For instance, a wedding photographer could volunteer to speak at a bridal show.

Host classes and workshops. Promote your own presentations on Eventbrite, MeetUps, your local library, a networking group, or a co-working space. Offer valuable material and give attendees just enough information to entice them to want more.

Go live. Interview an expert on Facebook live or another live streaming venue. Make sure you rehearse so you don't stumble through your live presentation.

Provide videos. Turn your tips and tricks into attractive videos. Post them on your website, YouTube or Vimeo. Impress potential clients by sending links to your clips.

Host a webinar. Showcase your expertise with a well-organized webinar and invite prospects to attend. Make sure you address your ideal clients' pain points with solutions. Wrap up with a call-to-action.

Presentations sound like a great way to market your freelance gig, but what if you're a Nervous Nellie on stage like me? I've decided to work with a public speaking coach. I need someone to work through the butterflies with me plus help me organize my talks. If a private coach isn't for you, try taking a class or joining a Toastmasters group. Consider it a personal and professional investment — one that will pay for itself in due time.