• Ana Gascon Ivey

Share Your Wins Without Sounding Like a Loser

True or False: It's arrogant to post your accomplishments on LinkedIn.

I used to think it was true. Then I noticed my friend Lynn Swords of Ink & Key doing it. Lynn posts quotes regularly from companies her team has helped with naming and branding. Every time she does so, I cheer her on. She helped me realize there's nothing wrong with sharing your triumphs if you go about it the right way. You won't come across as an attention-getting jerk (unless you are an attention-getting jerk) if you follow these tips:

1. Emphasize the client. Tell readers how much you enjoyed working with the client. Talk about what you did and how the client responded.

2. Share a quote. Let the client do the talking for you. I take testimonial quotes and place them on a PowerPoint slide. Then I post the slide with just a few words of context from me.

3. Relay facts. Instead of saying, "I'm an awesome designer," say, "The logo I designed for a client won first place in a contest" or "The book cover I designed has gotten more buzz than any other book cover for this publisher."

4. Don't humble brag. That's when you embed an achievement within a complaint. Example: "Can someone tell me how I landed on the cover of Entrepreneur magazine? Not sure what I did to deserve it." Truly humble? No. Attention-getting jerk? Um, yeah. Humble bragging is obnoxious.

5. Keep it simple. Don't go on and on about your accomplishment. Just mention it. Save the rest for your memoir.

6. Be grateful. Thank your clients for the work you do and the partnership you have with them. Share your gratitude on social media. Don't be surprised if they respond with, "We love working with you, too. Couldn't ask for a better writer and team player."

7. Praise others. Take time to cheer for your friends, colleagues and connections. Then when you share a win, they'll rally around you.

Study how your connections share their triumphs. Mimic the people who do so with sincerity, modesty and grace.