• Ana Gascon Ivey

Make the sale in 2 steps — boom!

Sales experts say it takes 8 "touches" to make a sale. Maleeka Hollaway does it in 2. The founder and owner of the The Official Maleeka Group shared how she does it at a recent Atlanta Copywriters meeting.

1. First, when you present a pitch, start with the end result in mind. What's the bottom line for businesses? Profit. Engagement leads to profit. Brand awareness leads to profit. A larger customer base leads to profit.

Tell the potential client how your product or services will help the company achieve its ultimate goals — more money, higher profits.

"Get seen, get heard, get paid," says Maleeka.

2. Second, build an instant connection. Research (dare we say "stalk?") the client on social media. Learn what's important to the client by reading his or her posts. Then reach out with a direct message along the lines of, "I just read about your initiative and saw you quoted in (fill in the blank) publications. I want to work with you. This is what I can do for you." End your message with an invitation to chat.

Don't wait for several more "touches" to extend an invitation. Cut the flow, engage quickly and make the sale.

Maleeka says, "That's the difference between a $5,000 month and a $31,000 month."Why take 8 steps when you can do it in 2?