• Ana Gascon Ivey

5 tips to create a lead magnet that attracts clients

A freelancer's lead magnet is simply a free product that offers value to a prospect. Use it to showcase your skills and services to potential clients.

Your lead magnet could be an eBook, checklist, folder with templates, an infographic, step-by-step guide, cheat sheet or short video. If you're new to freelancing, make a lead magnet part of your marketing arsenal. Here are 5 tips to help you get started:

1. Target clients. Your lead magnet should solve a potential client's problem, not a consumer's. If you're a travel writer, you might create a social media guide for travel publishers and editors. You would not generate a list of money-saving tips for tourists on a budget.

2. Keep it simple. Your lead magnet shouldn't be the size of an encyclopedia. Keep it short and easy-to-digest.

3. Offer value up front. Don't give away a 20-week course. We live in a fast-food society and most people want their pay off pronto. Give them something they can use right away.

4. Design like a pro. Use a publishing program to create a polished product. Get started with Canva or explore the templates in Word, Pages and Google Docs.

5. Include a bio. End your lead magnet with an intro to who you are, the services you offer and an invitation to reach out to you.

Take a look at my first lead magnet, "How to Hook Health Readers." I admit, it's not as polished as it should be, but did it open doors for me? Yes! I would not have made some of my healthcare connections without it.

If you need help coming up with a lead magnet topic, shoot me an email. I'd love to brainstorm with you or give you feedback on your finished product.