• Ana Gascon Ivey

5 Marketing Strategies You're Doing Wrong (and How to Fix Them)

Many freelancers don't know how to market their services. They pick one or two avenues for finding clients and don't try anything else. Many freelancers throw in the towel when those one or two strategies don't pan out. Don't give up! Here are 5 strategies you may be overlooking.

1. You're not "nurturing" potential clients. Not all prospects are ready to engage when you contact them. But that doesn't mean you won't hear from them in the future. Nurture leads by keeping in touch. Stay top-of-mind by sending them an occasional article or relevant report. Or go old school and mail them a handwritten note. They'll remember you when the time is right.

2. You're not tapping into your network. Unless you live like a hermit, you know people. And those people know people. And so on. Reach out to your friends, relatives and former colleagues. Don't be afraid to ask for work or referrals. Often, your first clients will come from your inner circle.

3. You're not building new relationships. Want to get the word out about your brand and your services? Find relevant networking events near you. Don't just hand out business cards. Make a friend, or two, or three. Meet your new peeps for lunch, coffee or a video chat. They'll become your fans and help spread the word about your business.

4. You're not developing partnerships. Your potential clients have multiple needs. Find out what companies are meeting your client's other needs. Develop a strategic alliance with those companies. Say you're a travel copywriter. You're working with a client that uses the same graphic designer for marketing collateral. Connect with that designer. See if she will partner with you to offer content & design packages to other clients. It's a win-win scenario!

5. You're not part of a community. You can not survive on your own. Become active in a Facebook group, local business organization or relevant MeetUp. If you can't find one that's right for you, start your own. Building your own community sets you up as an expert in your field. I launched Atlanta Copywriters on Facebook in 2017. I've had clients offer me work simply because they know I'm the group's admin.

Pick two or three of these strategies and try them out for 90 days. Keep track of what works and what doesn't. Invest in the strategies that worked and try new strategies for the next 90 days. Rinse & repeat.